October 2023

September 2023 – international dates

  • 4./5. September: Geneva (CH)
    World Resources Forum
    Panel Debate “Sufficiency: From a Consumer to a Sufficient Society”
  • 7. September: Hamburg (DE)
    Event about peace politics of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD)
  • 12. September: Hannover (DE)
    Meeting of Former Delegates of the German Parliament with Stephan Weil, Minister President of Lower Saxony
  • 16. September: Zumikon (CH)
    Speech about foreign politics, a new economy and a new enlightenment: “Aussenpolitik, neue Ökonomie, neue Aufklärung. Was wir in der Klimakrise brauchen”
  • 21. September: Freiburg (DE)
    Jahrestagung Netzwerk Wissensmanagement
    Speech about sustainability and science management: “Nachhaltigkeit im Wissenschaftsmanagement – wie geht das?”
  • 24. September: Solothurn (CH)
    Autumn Fair Solothurn
    Speech: “So reicht das nicht” (Link to the book)
  • 27. September: Kiel (DE)
    Presentation about Climate Change

May 2019 International Dates

  • 15th May: Brussels
    10:30 am: Meeting of the „National Associations oft he Club of Rome“
  • 16th May: Munich, The Smarter E Europe/ Intersolar
    10:30 am: keynote „Using ressources efficiently“, 4:30 pm: Award ceremony Georg Salvamoser Preis, The Smarter E Europe/ Intersolar, Halle B3
  • 24th May: Bern
    11:30 am: Gene Drive Symposium Bern, Moderation between Kevin Esvelt and Ignacio Chapela, Eventforum Bern, Fabrikstraße 12, 3012
  • 27th May: Mumbai
    09:30 am: Opening session: “Options for reducing Carbon footprint of mobility” World Conference on Transport Research – WCTR Mumbai, Renaissance Convention Centre